High fermentation beer, 7.5% alc. vol, refermented in the bottle, with brown candy sugar.
Complex, but soft on the palate, the malt flavors are pronounced but subtle, with flavors of toffee, a touch of chocolate, pear and cinnamon as a result of the caramelized sugar.

Suggested pairings

It is perfect accompaniment to rich dishes such as meats, or more complex dishes that require a beer that can complement every flavor on the table. Recommended with grilled meats and rustic pizzas with sausages and potatoes. After the meal, pairs nicely with apple strudel.

For the best tasting experiance

To enjoy AMA beers at their finest and to exalt their precious aromas, they are best served in tulip glasses that effortlessly release the full range of their incredible and distinctive fragrances. Pour the beer quite quickly along the side of the glass until about half full, and then stop to allow the foam to settle. Finally finish filling the glass at moderate speed in a single pour, so as to obtain a compact head of foam.
The ideal serving temperature to enjoy AMA beers at their best is between 6°C and 8°C.
AMA beers are high-fermented beers that are refermented in the bottle, rich in character and with a delicately light body, ideal to accompany foods by exalting their flavors without sensations of fullness or heaviness.