Doppelbock A is a limited edition beer by Amarcord created by the meeting of two great artists Oliver Wesseloh of the Kreativbrauerei brewery and Davide Bigucci of the Podere Vecciano winery. Oliver is a brewer, and a world champion in his category in 2013, and Davide is an oenologist and the owner of Podere Vecciano, an organic farm set in the gently rolling hills inland from Riccione, a territory dedicated to grapevines ever since ancient times, and that now, with meticulous care both in the fields and in the wine cellars, produces fine wines distinctly featuring all the characteristics of the local terroir. Doppelbock A is the final result of a long process in which the beer is left to age for several months in casks of French oak for an indispensable phase of maturation, during which it develops new and more complex sensorial nuances.



BEER: Doppelbock
ALCOHOL: 8.5 % vol
COLOUR: Intense mahogany red
TASTE: Sweet

SIZE: 75cl


- A deep mahogany red in colour, with coppery red highlights.
- Head of pale pink foam of medium persistence.
- Intense in the bouquet with persuasive notes of caramelized fruit, raisins and brandied cherries and cranberries, and an enticing hint of acidity that precedes the taste. The fruity profile is framed by woody notes, accompanied by a light spiciness given by the yeast used in fermentation. This in turn is followed by ripe woodland fruits, red grape pomace and toasted wood, cherries and winey aromas.
- A full and sustained body, with a fine and delicate effervescence.
- The complexity given by aging in oak casks is immediately evident on the palate, with slight but distinctly perceptible acidulous and bitter tastes that make this beer particularly clean and refreshing. There is also an exquisite suggestion of woody notes and brandied fruits that is excellently balanced with the other olfactory traits.
- The aftertaste features clear notes of cherries, pomace and caramelized fruit, ending in a discreetly fresh acidity and a clean and fragrant dryness.
- Doppelbock A is a complex beer with an excellent structure, intense but at the same time combining great flavour with extreme drinkability. A beer that, like the concept of "Amarcord" itself, a phrase that means "I remember" in local Rimini dialect, is easily remembered.

Doppelbock A is a beer created from ingredients that fully respect the finest traditions of Bavarian purity. A finely calibrated blend of malts, and German hops both for bittering during brewing and added for dry-hopping over the first four weeks of the beer's maturation.
After this process the beer is transferred for aging into casks of French oak for the next fundamental phase of aging, in which the beer develops new and more complex sensorial nuances, thanks both to the micro-oxygenation ensured by the natural porosity of the wood and to the activity of special Brettanomyces yeasts present inside the casks.
During this delicate process, supervised by Amarcord's master brewers and by Davide Bigucci, the beer is sampled regularly to determine the ideal moment for it to be taken from the wooden casks. When this moment comes, it is transferred to another maturation tank, and is then bottled for a final refermentation of three weeks.
But several more months must pass before this beer, with its 8.5% ABV and splendid deep mahogany red colour, reaches the peak of it aromatic and gustatory perfection, so it can be offered for sale to the public. Only then can Amarcord's Doppelbock A be considered to be truly ready for you to drink.

On tasting, the beer's aromas recall caramelized fruit, raisins and brandied cherries and cranberries, and a light spiciness given by the special strain of yeast used for fermentation, together with notes of ripe woodland fruits and hints of toasted wood and red grape pomace. The overall taste offers a great sensation of depth that comes from the aging process in oak casks, with slight but distinctly perceptible traces of acidity and bitterness that make this beer particularly clean and refreshing.


- Spring water
- Malt
- Blend of malts caramelized to different degrees
- German hops for bittering and for dry-hopping
- Indispensable aging in casks of French oak


Glass: Calice
Service Temperature: 14°


Doppelbock A is the result of a long process of collaboration between Amarcord's master brewers with Davide Bigucci and Oliver Wesseloh, engaged for many months in their quest for a truly exceptional beer. Doppelbock A can be a celebratory beer, or a meditative one. When savouring this superb product, we suggest you take the time to carefully contemplate the long process that brought it to you, so you can fully enjoy all its complex intensity.


This is a beer to be tasted profoundly and with passion. In Rimini we drink it while we're playing cards, when we're in the lively and sincere company of friends, those moments engrained in our local Romagna character that warm the heart, with everyone sat around the fireside in a countryside farmhouse.